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Chrysler, GM Up Ante on White House with Plant Closures

Two Toledo Factories Among Those Idled

General Motors and Chrysler announced today that they would idle some auto production plants and halt work in GM’s case on a new $370 million engine plant.

The suspension of work on the engine plant in Michigan could have some bearing on GM’s Lordstown facility as the Michigan plant will make the engines for the Chevrolet Volt.  Chrysler is temporarily closing two plants in Toledo that produce vehicles such as the Jeep Liberty and Dodge Nitro.

A story from Bloomberg quotes White House Press Secretary Dana Perino as glib and uninformed as usual:

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said in an e-mail that “there’s nothing new on the auto front” as officials reviewed plans for a GM and Chrysler bailout. Today had been the earliest that the administration would finish a rescue proposal, a government official said yesterday, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Yep, “nothing new” she said with cutesy smile.

Whether or not the current $14-15 billion Chrysler and GM bailout deal was done, these plants might be temporarily closing.  All of the Big Three U.S. automakers and their foreign-based rivals are in the midst of severe sales slumps.  Cars are stacking up unsold at dealerships.  The idling of plants is expected to last until to mid to late January.

Ford announced earlier this month that they would idle some plants to reduce inventories.