April 21, 2014

Prediction: Caroline will end up finishing up Teddy’s term

carolineNew York’s Kennedy sideshow is over – albeit in some amount of confusion.

Much has been said and continues to speculated on as to whether or not New York Gov. David Paterson was disgusted with Caroline Kennedy and her attempt to serve out Hillary Clinton’s U.S. Senate term; or, rather was he going to annoint her at a press conference later this week.  Follow the link above and you can read the latest from the Old Grey Lady.

There are more questions than answers.  Was she so stricken by her uncle Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s seizure on Inauguration Day that she could just not carry on?  If so, glad she’s out, we need steel in the Senate right now.  Did she have a household worker problem?  Who really cares?  That’s so Clinton Era.  According to the latest numbers about 5% of the U.S. population is undocumented, illegal.  Tax problems?  Caroline, you could’ve been contrite a la Timothy Geithner.  After all, if a financial genius can get away with dodging taxes, surely you could’ve charmed your way out of it.

Here’s what I think.  Hillary just had enough.  After all, it was Teddy and Caroline that annointed Barack the next Jack.  Secretary of State or not, it was just too much for these Obamaniacs to occupy that Senate seat she had carpet bagged so hard for.  I think Hillary did her in.

Caroline seems to signal that Uncle Teddy’s health has something to do with her change in plans.  Here’s how I think that figures in.  Sen. Kennedy will hang as long as he can, but it’s not likely to be another three years.  He retires and voila!  Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachussetts appoints Caroline – and the legacy continues.

Sen. Ted Kennedy Collapses at Inaugural Lunch

Update 2: Kennedy Talks to Medical Personnel; Told Dodd He didn’t want to go to hospital

CNN reporting Kennedy’s doctor says seizure brought on by fatigue. Senator will overnight in hospital for observation and is expected to be released in the a.m.


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Full Text: Senator Ted Kennedy Remarks to Democratic National Convention

By The Associated Press – 20 minutes ago

Text of Massachusetts Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s remarks Monday night at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, as transcribed by CQ Transcriptions.

KENNEDY: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Caroline.

My fellow Democrats, my fellow Americans, it is so wonderful to be here.

And nothing — nothing is going to keep me away from this special gathering tonight.

I have come here tonight to stand with you to change America, to restore its future, to rise to our best ideals, and to elect Barack Obama president of the United States. [Read more...]