April 18, 2014

The Daily Graphic: Final Word (Picture) About Recently Passed Obama Tax Compromise

There’s still a smattering of “poor me” from a portion of the Left regarding the tax deal.  Essentially, the Republicans’ Holy Grail of keeping taxes historically low for the upper 2% of incomes was supported by President Obama only after getting major concessions on issues that affect the middle class.  Stacked side by side, I think it’s clear that the president got a better deal than anyone thought he would get in the wake of November’s “shellacking.”

Source: White House

The Daily Graphic: Interactive Map of Tax Cuts

Today’s graphic is a map, it’s interactive and it comes from the White House.  Do you want to know how the tax bill the president signed after compromise with Republicans affects your state.  Click on the graphic below and you’ll go to the White House blog post with the map.  Click on the map in their post.

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Ohio & National Clips – December 16, 2010

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