April 20, 2014

Jindal Shows His Ignorant Side While 79% of Americans Want Republicans To Be Constructive

Hours and hours before President Barack Obama even had the chance to deliver his message to Congress tonight, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal called Obama’s economic plans “irresponsible” in a release of excerpts from his “response” to the president’s message.

Meanwhile, in a NYT-CBS Poll released today, Obama is still showing broad support from Americans of all stripes.  It’s like everyone in the country has put the election behind them while we work on a huge economic crisis except for the Republican National Committee and its toadies like Jindal.

Jindal = politics as usual while Obama tries to reach across the aisle and get everyone involved in solving problems.  Here are some interesting numbers from today’s NYT-CBS Poll:

  • 74% believe Obama is trying to work with Republicans in Congress; Only 31% believe Republicans in Congress are trying to work with Obama.
  • 65% believe Obama has the same priorities for the country as they do; 83% think that Obama cares a lot or some about the problems of people like them.
  • 77% believe Obama is bringing change to the way things are done in Washington
  • 63% believe Republicans in Congress opposed the stimulus bill for political reasons rather than because the legislation would be bad for the economy.
  • 79% believe working with Obama and Democrats in Congress should be the priority for Republicans over “sticking to Republican policies.”

Who do Republicans think wins the war with hope and constructive action on side and cynical politicking on the other?

Bailouts, Stimulus, Etc. – What Has The Rush Gotten Us?

Drudge Report has been trying mightily since Saturday to “sell” this story: If there was such a hot rush to pass the stimulus bill, why was President Barack Obama taking the weekend off in Chicago?

What Drudge does is show he’s in the tank for the Republicans when he runs a picture like the one to the left “above the fold” all weekend with the following headline: What’s the rush? ‘Urgent’ stimulus on hold for Obama’s weekend off …

First of all, no president of the U.S. has a “weekend off.” Not even George W. Bush, although some may say he took years off.

This is a potshot – Drudge urging the producers over at Fox News to beat up on the president.

But, despite Drudge’s partisanship, he points out a real problem with Republican and now Democrat management of the U.S. economic crisis.  Our politicians are scaring us silly and ramming TARPs, assorted bailouts and stimulii through the government machine with very little transparency and even less accountability.

Back in the Fall when the Troubled Asset Relief Program, aka $700 billion bailout, was rammed through Congress there was lots of scary talk about meltdowns and companies so big and far-reaching that we couldn’t possibly let them fail.  $350 billion of that bailout went out to the banks and Wall Street.  We still have barely working credit markets.  They’ve loosened up a bit, but nothing much has changed in the past several months.  We also know that a lot of our tax dollars were wasted on bonuses, exorbitant compensation for failing management teams, mergers and acquisitions.

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