April 21, 2014

Huckabee, Barbour, The Rapture and U.S. Foreign Policy

One of the more insidious effects of the Christian Right’s takeover of the Republican Party is the twisted theology of “the Rapture” and its influence on the foreign policy thinking of Republican leaders.

Just yesterday I noticed three things online that I thought merited this subject being dusted off for some fresh talk.

On a streaming chat next to a feed of CNN I was watching, the following, or rather my re-enactment of the following occurred:

JoeBob921: Mark my words. The person who replaces Mubarak is the Antichrist. It’s go time.

Super_UserXL: Wow, you may be on to something …

NOoBzRule: JoeBob921 – that’s deep

I sort of chuckled, thought: idiots – and went on with my day. Then, this story from the Associated Press reports that supposed Republican presidential hopeful Gov. Mike Huckabee is being “hosted by The Jerusalem Reclamation Project, a group that promotes settlements in an attempt to bolster a Jewish presence in mostly Arab areas” on a days-long trip to Israel where he is riling up the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He said at one point:

He said any peace agreement has to recognize that “the Jewish people have indigenous rights to the land in which they occupy and live and it goes back not 60 years or 80 years but it goes back 3,500 years.”

This man is ignorant on several levels, let’s just deal with two here. How wise is it for a prominent American politician and TV host to be running around the West Bank undermining U.S. policy while the Egyptian government collapses and the Jordanian King has just dissolved his cabinet? It’s not. It’s stupid. It’s foolish. It’s further proof this bass strummin’ political televangelist has no business in the White House.

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Full Text: Mike Huckabee Speech Republican National Convention 2008

Source: AP

As much as I appreciate the opportunity to speak tonight, I really was originally hoping for the slot on Thursday called the acceptance speech. But I am delighted to speak on behalf of my 2nd choice for the Republican nomination for President, John McCain — a man with the character and stubborn kind of integrity that I want in a President. [Read more...]

Video: Mike Huckabee Speech Republican National Convention 2008

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