April 16, 2014

The Agony & The Irony: Ohio’s GOP Retreads and the Same ‘Ol

When it comes to health care reform, Portman, DeWine either clueless or looking out for big business

U.S. Sen. Rob Portman’s first act representing the people of Ohio: drop a bill to repeal health care reform. Mike DeWine’s first act upon becoming Ohio Attorney General: join the band of corporate Republican AGs around the country to challenge health care reform. To add irony to insult, DeWine’s chauffered car hit a bicyclist in downtown Columbus the other day and the guy initially refused treatment because he doesn’t have health insurance.

This is Mike Dewine’s and Rob Portman’s America.

Has there ever been a time in American history when so many people voted against their interests as last November when these two former officeholders were elected? America has been duped; worse yet, Americans have allowed themselves to be duped.

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DeWine confirms Ohio to join health care reform suit; Consults Florida Winger

He said Ohio would join the 20 other states fighting the new health care law during the campaign, but has Ohio really come to that?  Just one more state with an Ideologue General?

Reality bites.

Ohio Attorney General-elect Mike DeWine confirmed today on NBC4′s The Spectrum, a Columbus public affairs show, that on day one in office he’s joining the anti-Obama health law suit.

“On the first day, which is January 10, we’ll join the ten other – excuse me, the twenty other states – who have filed a lawsuit against Obama health care,” DeWine said.  I anticipate that we’ll probably have three or four states that will join the lawsuit the same day as us.”

DeWine said he’s consulted with Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum one of the legal ring leaders of the state’s suit.

“We’re ready to go,” DeWine said.

McCollum, a hyper-partisan, was one of the floor managers of the House impeachment trial against former President Bill Clinton while he served in Congress.  He also cast several votes against Medicare and to raise the eligibility requirements for Medicare and Social Security.

Nice to see Mike DeWine is consulting a Florida nutter rather than the people of Ohio on where our state stands on health care reform.

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