April 23, 2014

Blackwell May Be Able to Fight Gay Urges; Can’t Fight Urges By Fellow Republitards to Vote Against Him


After the surprise drop out of former Chairman Mike Duncan, South Carolina party chairman Katon Dawson has taken a two-vote lead over Michael Steele, 62-60.

This comes despite Duncan encouraging his voters to go with Steele, a source close to Duncan told First Read.

Anuzis moved to 31, and Blackwell remained at 15, rounding out fourth-round voting.

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Ken Blackwell Knows NAMBLA!

Thanks to Joseph over at Plunderbund for pulling this out of the archives:

Ohio’s Latest Political Embarassment: Total Idiot Running for RNC Chairman

To give credit where it’s due, pizza delivery man and sometimes right wing blogger Matt Naugle let the world know today that his spiritual leader and American idol, Ken Blackwell will run for chairman of the Republican National Committee.  I’m sure Naugle  wet himself and will undoubtedly experience a nocturnal emission tonight over the news.  Naugle’s blog is essentially HQ for the Blackwell fan club, membership of 1.  This should give him something to write about other than Blackwell’s latest appearance on Fox News.

On to Blackwell.  OMG.

For J. Ken to even be thinking about this, he must have some support within the party hierarchy.  All this tells me is that the Republican Party didn’t get one important lesson from the previous year’s festivities: America is sick of their sanctimonious shit. 

Although he embarasses his home state every time he opens his mouth, Blackwell as RNC head might be a good thing.  I mean, they could elect a smart, dynamic, forward thinking front man with a vision – bad for Democrats.  Or, in Blackwell they could elect an empty suit who’s as dumb as a box of rocks – great for Democrats.

Are Republicans so cynical that they think simply putting Michael Steele or Ken Blackwell as front men will somehow mess with Barack’s mojo?  Does one high-profile African American make a big tent? 

Maybe it’s not about race, maybe it’s about delivering Ohio in 2010 and 2012.  I’m going to go do some research – I can’t quite remember how well Blackwell did in his last statewide run …

Ohio Electoral Maps: Comparing Obama, Strickland and Bush by County

Editor’s Note: Data for these county maps came from the Ohio Secretary of State’s website.