April 24, 2014

Video: ‘Closed Zone’ Gives Some Insight Into Affect on Innocents of Israeli Blockade of Gaza

A clever, 90 second animated short by Yoni Goodman, animation director for Waltz with Bashir.  For more information on Israel’s closure of Gaza border crossings go here.

Video: Gorenberg – Frum Debate Israeli Settlements

Just found Bloggingheads.tv, it’s way cool:

First BS of Obama Presidency: Won’t ‘Speculate’ on Who in Mideast Has Nukes

mushroom-cloudhelenI think Helen Thomas just put herself back into the wilderness with another White House Press Office.  She asked the one tough question at tonight’s press conference that had President Barack Obama bullshitting us all from here to Jerusalem.

Her question (emphasis mine):

Mr. President, do you think that Pakistan and — are maintaining the safe havens in Afghanistan for these so-called terrorists? And, also, do you know of any country in the Middle East that has nuclear weapons?

His Answer:

With respect to nuclear weapons, you know, I don’t want to speculate. What I know is this: that if we see a nuclear arms race in a region as volatile as the Middle East, everybody will be in danger.

Thomas tried to follow-up, but Obama was too quick.  Well, readers, if you didn’t know, Israel has nuclear weapons.  I know, it’s hard to believe.  When the Israelis aren’t treating the native Palestinian population like a modern version of Wounded Knee, they’re stockpiling nukes.  President Obama knows darn well they’ve got nukes.  An otherwise brilliant man looked silly tonight saying, “I don’t want to speculate.”

Here’s some speculation early on for the latest president who pledges to bring peace to the Mideast:  Nobody’s getting anywhere over there as an honest broker if they continue to pretend Israel does no wrong.  If, as a nation, we can’t even admit that our friend has nukes, how do you expect to overcome the Arab sense that the game is forever rigged in favor of the Israelis?

Here’s hoping this wasn’t a foretaste of more half-assed U.S. diplomacy.

Israeli Ceasefire In Effect in Gaza

gaza_explode_467450aApparently, Israel’s disproportionate civilian killing spree is over … for now.

News Roundup:

Text: UN Security Council Resolution 1860 – Israeli Incursion Into Gaza

(Source: United Nations Security Council)

Resolution 1860 (2009)

Adopted by the Security Council at its 6063rd meeting, on 8 January 2009

The Security Council,
Recalling all of its relevant resolutions, including resolutions 242 (1967), 338
(1973), 1397 (2002), 1515 (2003) and 1850 (2008),

Stressing that the Gaza Strip constitutes an integral part of the territory
occupied in 1967 and will be a part of the Palestinian state,

Emphasizing the importance of the safety and well-being of all civilians,

Expressing grave concern at the escalation of violence and the deterioration of
the situation, in particular the resulting heavy civilian casualties since the refusal to
extend the period of calm; and emphasizing that the Palestinian and Israeli civilian
populations must be protected,

Expressing grave concern also at the deepening humanitarian crisis in Gaza,

Emphasizing the need to ensure sustained and regular flow of goods and
people through the Gaza crossings,

Recognizing the vital role played by UNRWA in providing humanitarian and
economic assistance within Gaza,

Recalling that a lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can only be
achieved by peaceful means,

Reaffirming the right of all States in the region to live in peace within secure
and internationally recognized borders,

[Read more...]