April 20, 2014

Wasting Our Time on Political Correctness or Not Calling Things What They Are

Listening to the Brian Lehrer Show on XM Radio today gave me about 15 miles worth of one of my pet peeves.  It’s called double speak, gobbledygook or more recently political correctness.

The subject of the show was illegal immigration (oops, I’ve offended someone).  It was a thoughtful discussion from different sides of a thorny issue.  I was engrossed and listening to what the guests said, listening to the callers and running through my position on the issue over and over through the filters of various guests.

Then came the last fifteen minutes.  The whinings about the debate that shouldn’t exist over what to call something that already has a moniker: illegal immigration.  Conservatives do it, liberals do it and it drives a lot of conservatives, liberals and moderates crazy – create terms of art where entirely truthful, descriptive plain language already exists in our vocabulary to describe a situation or circumstance.

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Messico – How Long Until Mexico’s Drug War Spills Over In a Big Way

It really is quite remarkable that we’ve got an absolute culture of corruption, crime and violence just across our southern border and not more Americans care about Mexico.

For all of the hundreds of billions we spend adventuring in the Middle East – and doing more harm than good – you would think that somewhere along the line the U.S. would have paid more attention to Mexico and the slow drip of problems it brings to our borders.

  • Today on NPR’s On Point, there was a discussion about the Mexican drug war and that kidnappings for ransoms related to the situation are occurring in U.S. cities like Phoenix and El Paso.  Anyone who has traveled in Mexico or other parts of the Third World, know that kidnappings for profit are an all too often occurrence.  My Dad lived in Mexico City and traveled throughout Mexico for ten years and security for Gringos or rich Mexicans is no joke.  A friend of his spent two days tied to a tree in a Guatamalan jungle during such an escapade.
  • Last year there were over 5,000 murders in Mexico tied directly to the national government’s war against the drug cartels.
  • In 1987 when I was stationed briefly in San Diego, CA, Tijuana was rough in parts, but still a fun place to go for Marines and Sailors and college students on Spring Break.  Today, for the most part, “TJ” and most other U.S. – Mexican border towns are more about the Wild West and less about Senor Frog’s Tequila Bar.
  • Illegal immigration.  In the area of places as far off the beaten path as Auglaize County, Ohio there are communities of illegal immigrants.  Someone I know who is under insured and had a baby recently with a few complications is in hoc to the local hospital tens of thousands of dollars.  Two Mexican women within 30 miles of my friend have had babies recently and they receive WIC and paid nothing for their healthcare.  The Mexican families are undocumented.  This is not a rare occurrence and is a huge drain on our system.

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