April 19, 2014

Kasich’s Three Lobbyist Helpmates

The Columbus Dispatch took some time out today from Big Pimpin’ Yosemite John’s running of the state to shed some light on just who is on John Kasich’s famous bus.

A right-wing lobbyist, Republican hack and a former staffer are the lobbying triumvirate getting rowdy on the bus.

It’s nice to see at least one of Kasich’s staffers/former staffers making big in the private sector. You’ll remember that the governor said he had to pay his senior staff much more than former Gov. Ted Strickland paid his crew because, by golly these folks are the cream of the crop and he’s competing with the private sector.

What Yosemite John didn’t say is that a bunch of these folks were just waiting in the wings being paid by political organizations and THE Ohio State University for ten or twelve years while he found himself and worked what was apparently a “no-show” gig at Lehman Brothers. (I thought that only happened on The Sopranos)

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