April 24, 2014

John Kasich’s Reverse Robin Hood on Ohio’s Natural Resources

Good old Robin Hood and his merry band of men lived in the forest and kept themselves busy stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.  In John Kasich’s world, he and his merry band of poultry mega farmers and foreign oil and gas interests intend to to take natural resources from all Ohioans and give them to the rich.

As stated thus far, file Gov.-elect Kasich’s business first environmental policies as “been there, done that,” and ordinary Ohioans will lose.

Here’s what we know: Kasich is hiring Hoosier and former Perdue Farms regional environmental manager Scott Nally to be the director of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.  He is also hiring former American Electric Power executive David Mustine who is currently a director for Terraseis a Dubai-based oil and gas services company as head of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

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