April 15, 2014

Axelrod: Obama to Issue ‘Out of Iraq Order’ on Wednesday

Today on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopolous, Obama senior advisor David Axelrod said the President-elect will officially direct the Defense Department to begin the process of extracting the U.S. from the Iraqi adventure.

I would embed the video, but ABC does not support such technology.  You can watch Axelrod here.

Video: Meet the Press | December 28 | Livni, Axelrod & Predictions from Panel

Transcript: David Axelrod on ‘Meet the Press’ | December 28, 2008

(Source: NBC’s Meet the Press)

MR. GREGORY:  And turning back home, we are now joined from Chicago by senior adviser to President-elect Obama, David Axelrod.  Welcome back to MEET THE PRESS.

MR. DAVID AXELROD:  Thanks, David.  Good to be here.

MR. GREGORY:  What is the president-elect’s position on this offensive against Gaza by Israel?

MR. AXELROD:  Well, obviously, it’s a very serious situation.  He spent some time on the phone with Secretary Rice yesterday, and he is monitoring the situation.  But we’ve said repeatedly through this transition period that we–there’s only one president at a time, and President Bush speaks for the United States of America until January 20th, and we’re going to honor that moving forward.

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Transcript: David Axelrod, Steve Schmidt on ‘Meet the Press’ September 28

(Source: NBC)
MR. TOM BROKAW: Our issues this Sunday: the race for the White House. Two more debates and 37 days to go as both sides make their case and a deal on the financial bailout does seem near. Obama vs. McCain; the top strategists from each campaign square off after the debate. With us, David Axelrod for the Obama campaign and Steve Schmidt for the McCain campaign. [Read more...]