April 23, 2014

Captured Mumbai Terrorist: A Tale of Slavery and Drugs?

Azam Amir Qasab and Other Evidence from Mumbai

This article from the London Daily Telegraph brings home just what we’re dealing with regarding terrorists from the Third World.  Evil?  Sure.  But, we are also facing a mentality and level of human sophistiphication from the Middle Ages on steroids – literally.

Azam Amir Qasab, the captured Mumbai terrorist has reportedly told his captors he was sold by his father to the Pakistani terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taibat.  Lashkar-e-Taibait is thought to be the group behind the training and planning for the Mumbai attacks. 

Qasab says he was sold to Lashkar to earn money for his family.  Additionally, it’s being reported that Qasab and his nine terror mates used cocaine and other drugs to stay awake during their rampage.  Finally, the muscle-bound crew had reportedly used steroids to help chisel their physiques for their Jihad fantasy.

We’re dealing with people from the Middle Ages with access to modern drugs and weapons.  The more of them we kill and the greater number of their countries we become embroiled in only emboldens the next cohort of warriors.  Isolationism is not the answer in our globalized society, but we do need to get off the black/white short-term solutions to the bigger problem.

What got Western Civilization out of the Dark Ages?

Unbelievable: Captured Mumbai Terrorist Tells Docs “I don’t want to die.”

I couldn’t believe this roughly 1 1/2 minute video I found on the Times of India website.  Apparently the single caputured terrorist, Azam Amir Qasab, told hospital staff where he was taken after his caputure that he didn’t want to die.  According to the report he told officials at the hospital, “We had been instructed to kill to the last death.”

There are several other reported quotes from Qasab in the video which can be found here.