April 19, 2014

Full Text: Mitt Romney Speech to CPAC February 2011

Mitt Romney: I’ve been in Ann’s shadow ever since our first date in high school. Over our years together, she’s waged some pretty impressive battles. Among her many accomplishments, none is more important or rewarding—to us and to our country—than her accomplishment as a successful mother of 5 and grandmother of 16.

Thank you, Ann.

The other night, from opposite coasts of the country, Ann and I watched President Obama’s State of the Union address. Ann figured out pretty fast what was going on. She sent me an email saying that it sounded like he was reading my CPAC speech from last year.
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Keeping the Blowhards on the Right Honest on Obama and the FDA

A second Sunday in a row working in the yard with WTVN-610 in the background.  Between 12 and 3 p.m. on Sundays is a show called the Radio Deli with Dirk Thompson.  Thompson is a Libertarian and is actually quite funny.  When he’s not on the air he says he spends his week in his “sub-basement, wrapped in tin foil.”

There are a lot of things Dirk could be banging on Washington against but President Barack Obama’s bolstering of the federal Food and Drug Administration isn’t one of them.

Yesterday, Obama delivered his entire weekly address on food safety and the leadership of the FDA.  Thompson railed for the final hour of his show today about several things, one of them being “more regulation” by the FDA.  I would encourage Mr. Thompson to follow the link above and read what the president said.  He didn’t say there were a bunch of new rules being written.  The main thing he said was that we will increase the number of inspectors – a number that consumer advocates have said has been woefully inadequate for years.

Here are the three policy points the president made regarding FDA yesterday:

  1. Close a loophole in regulation which allows some diseased cows into the food supply.
  2. Modernize the FDA’s laboratories.
  3. Increase the number of inspectors out there looking for the likes of bad peanut butter and lead-tainted products from China.

Now reasonably, can anyone argue with this?

bin Laden with Nothing to Say Fans the Flames of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Osama bin Laden is the classic Middle Eastern rhetorical pimp who trots out the extremists’ highest earner when there’s absolutely nothing else to say – Israel.  Looking back over Sheikh Osama’s pronouncements through the years, the plight of the Palestinians was not on his radar until he began to use it like a slick American politician as a wedge issue.

From al-Jazeera today, reporting on bin Laden’s latest audio tape:

Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda, has said in an audio tape obtained by Al Jazeera that some Arab leaders were “complicit” with Israel during its offensive in Gaza.

Bin Laden said in the tape aired on Saturday that Arab leaders were “hypocrites”, and that “liberating Jerusalem needed honest Arab leadership” to fight and liberate the Arab people.

“It has become clear that some Arab leaders were complicit with the crusade zionist alliance against our people. These are the leaders that America calls moderate,” bin Laden said.

New York Sends a Message to Idiots On Phones While Driving

From the New York Daily News:

New York City police issued a whopping 9,016 tickets during a 24-hour crackdown on phoning-while-driving.

Department spokesman Paul Browne says that compares to 500 on a typical day. The ticket blitz ended Friday. But the law is still the law. Get caught driving while using a hand held phone and you could be fined $120.

If you can drive with your phone and not be a retard, that would be O.K.  But — how many times have you been behind someone going half the speed limit or driving somewhat erratically – you think they’re drunk – but no, just obliviously talking on their phone.

The Daily Graphic: Interactive Map – Where Do Immigrants Settle in U.S. – 1880 – 2000

This is probably the coolest interactive map I’ve found in a week or so.  Located at the New York Times website, you can access it by clicking the screen grab below.  You will be able to select a part of the world and see where people who were born there and moved to the U.S. settled.  When you navigate over to the Times, you’ll find the map is much larger and with controls.