April 23, 2014

Wasting Our Time on Political Correctness or Not Calling Things What They Are

Listening to the Brian Lehrer Show on XM Radio today gave me about 15 miles worth of one of my pet peeves.  It’s called double speak, gobbledygook or more recently political correctness.

The subject of the show was illegal immigration (oops, I’ve offended someone).  It was a thoughtful discussion from different sides of a thorny issue.  I was engrossed and listening to what the guests said, listening to the callers and running through my position on the issue over and over through the filters of various guests.

Then came the last fifteen minutes.  The whinings about the debate that shouldn’t exist over what to call something that already has a moniker: illegal immigration.  Conservatives do it, liberals do it and it drives a lot of conservatives, liberals and moderates crazy – create terms of art where entirely truthful, descriptive plain language already exists in our vocabulary to describe a situation or circumstance.

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