April 19, 2014

College kid, beauty queen appointed by GOP to fill Snitchler seat in General Assembly

When Ohio House Speaker William Batchelder came to the Republican Caucus with this one, there had to have been raised eyebrows and whispers of “What the hell is this?”

Twenty-two year-old Chrissie Hagan of Alliance has been selected to the join the ranks of job creators and economic developers among Ohio House Republicans.

Chrissy Hagan being chosen Carnation Queen AND Miss Congeniality

Hagan replaces former Rep. Todd Snitchler who was recently selected by Gov. John Kasich to lead the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio’s board.

Hagan’s economic development chops are undisputed – by Speaker Batch:

”We are very fortunate to have someone like Christina Hagan in our caucus,” Batchelder said in a prepared statement. ”Her passion for serving the community and her philosophy of reducing government spending and helping bring jobs back to Ohio are qualities that we are eager to welcome into our caucus.”

When she’s not in class at Malone University, Hagan is a server at an undisclosed restaurant in Jackson Twp. in Stark County according to the Akron Beacon Journal. Just 3 1/2 years ago, Hagan was crowned the 48th Carnation Queen at the Alliance Carnation Festival. Adding to her impressive resume that year, she was also named Miss Congeniality.

Chrissy is the daughter of former State Rep. John Hagan. Chrissy also apparently needed a job. Cap Square insiders say that these two factors – along with Hagan’s experience as Carnation Queen – helped her to edge out the competition. Also recommended by the Stark County Republican Party to Batchelder were a hospital executive and a city councilman.

Sources also report that the fact Chrissy majors in Business at Malone weighed heavily in her favor.

Editorial Comment:

If this is how Batchelder makes decisions, God, help us all.


  1. madirish says:

    The best thing about this is that Hagan is now the most qualified member of the House Republican Caucus. Do you think her economic stimulus plans will involve abortion prevention bills and gun rights for children?

    • Politicalbro says:

      HAHA this girl could not handle being a political science major at malone university! She said some of the most ridiculous things in my Constitutional Law class. I really don’t think she understood much of it.

  2. Julie Q says:

    The Walker Admin in Wisconsin just hired the son of a lobbyist. The kid is a college drop-out with two DUI’s, making $81K per year now. They hired the mistress of a married State Senator for $41K because she “asked for a job.” No need to interview anyone else there. Scott Fitzgerald is the Majority Leader in the State Senate. His brother, Jeff, is Speaker of the Assembly. Their 68-year old father, “Papa Fitz” was hired to head the State Highway Patrol for $151,000 after he lost his run for sheriff and was looking for a job.

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