April 24, 2014

Kasichs Staying in Westerville, Will Summer in Bexley

Ohio Governor's Residence from rear.

WCMH NBC4 in Columbus reports tonight that Gov.-elect John Kasich and his family will stay in their Westerville home while he serves as governor.  The governor’s official residence in Bexley will be used for functions and occasional staycations.

I have to say that one of the most ridiculous ongoing “stories” of the post-election period was the whole, “Will you be moving into the mansion?” media/blogger scrum.  The whole “little decisions” vs. “global warming issues” was a laugh, but what the hey.  Fact is, John Kasich may be on the firing line because he’s canceling trains, and bustin’ unions and hiring Tom Charles of all people, but his wife and kids are not fair game.  I have to think that Yosemite John is so busy he could give two figs where they live, but his family are in a routine, his kids are elementary school-age and why turn it upside down?

I have some experience with Illinois.  When Rod Blagojevich was first elected he didn’t move to the governor’s residence in Springfield with his family.  Now that was a minor crapstorm.  In a state where everything south of Chicago is referred to in the Chicago press as “downstate this” and “downstate that” Blago just thumbed his nose at tradition and most of the state by staying in Chicago.  He also took a lot of heat for running up the tab on the state plane, flying back and forth from Chicago to Springfield.  If Kasich was from Cleveland or Cincinnati or even Duck Run, it might seem bad not to move to Columbus, but the guy already lives here.

Kasich will find that he didn’t neuter the only watchdog in town when he moved Charles over to the Dept. of Public Safety.  Each year, like clockwork, the ever creative media report and write about security detail overtime, how much is spent on moving the governor around, etc.  If there are special preparations going on at the Kasich’s Westerville residence, they’ll want to know how much did it cost?  While Kasich’s decision to stay in Westerville has been made, he’ll find the questions just keep on coming.


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