April 23, 2014

John Kasich: Transparency in Ohio Government is For Losers [Video]

h/t and much love to Capital Blog | Ohio Politics with Marc Kovac for hitting each and every important Ohio Statehouse gaggle fueled only by plain oatmeal and roasted grain beverage.  He eats and drinks like a Union soldier on campaign rations but he slays it with the video camera that seemingly captures every pol on Cap Square who opens his or her mouth at those times the rest of us usually wouldn’t have the chance to hear it.  This Pero is for you, Marc Kovac.

I hope Marc doesn’t mind, but I edited his gaggle tape down to the last 2:54 today – the money shot.  Today, Ohio got another look into Gov.-elect John Kasich’s soul.  The following video may not be suitable for those offended by bumper sticker public policy pronouncements or those who believe that public servants are accountable – to – well – the public.  What you are about to witness is Kasich essentially saying that the whole transparency in government thing is just silliness.  After all, we can trust him, he’s got it all figured out.  I mean, who wouldn’t absolutely trust a chief executive who just appointed J. Edgar Charles to provide the civilian oversight for the most political of organizations, the Ohio State Patrol?

With anyone other than Charles, the question which prompted Yosemite John to draw down on the Fourth Estate today wouldn’t have probably been asked.  But Charles has a history of lobbying for folks – like his wife and John Born – for jobs and when he doesn’t get his way colluding with a doofus TV “investigative” reporter on a campaign to smear Gov. Ted Strickland.  Plunderbund has done an excellent job recently dragging some of the Charles record out into the light of day.  Suggested reading:

Plunderbund 1: Charles Investigations Show Disturbing Pattern

Plunderbund 2: The same Thomas Charles …

At any rate, here’s a piece of Kovac’s work:


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