April 18, 2014

Ohio Budget Process On Hold Until Rep. Morgan Works His Way Through Strickland’s Bibliography

I got a chuckle out of this from the Associated Press today:

The House also announced it would delay final action on the budget until after its spring break, pushing expected passage from late March into mid-April. The spending plan has to make it through both the House and Senate before July 1.

One frustrated member of the House Finance committee, Republican Seth Morgan, filed a second public records request with Gov. Ted Strickland seeking a road map to understanding his “evidence-based” school-funding formula.

Morgan’s first request was met with an almost 400-source bibliography of studies and reports upon which the formula is based.

For as long it would take for a child to be born and advance all the way into junior high school, Republicans were in charge of both houses of the Ohio General Assembly.  They had the Governor’s Office for four years longer than that.  What did they do about public education in Ohio?  Not a freaking thing.

Ted Strickland has been all over the state and worked with groups interested in fairly funding public ed and providing a 21st century curriculum for two years.  He’s put his plan out there.  If you’ve got particular issues, bring them up.  But guess what Seth? Evidence-based study is not some right wing home schoolin’ methodology.  It means the Governor and others have gone through an intellectual process.  The road map is that bibliography.  You might want to get reading …

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