April 16, 2014

Idiots on Camera: Cleveland’s ‘Tea Party’ Covered by Blogger Interrupted

Tim Russo at Blogger Interrupted has definitely found his niche.  First was the McCain-Palin Mob Vid, today it’s the Tea Party Mob – Cleveland, Ohio.  Watch it.  Well worth the six minute investment.

For a guy who uses his words at Blogger Interrupted at times like a blunt instrument, (don’t we all), his work with the video camera wherever culture warriors gather is pure finesse.  He doesn’t badger the drones, he quietly asks simple questions, like, “Do you think Obama was born in the U.S.?”  Then he pieces together the lunacy, lays down a soundtrack, and we all get to laugh at the end of long workweek.

Russo needs to do one of these a week and build his site around his style with the video camera.  He’ll get the traffic, consistently, and sell ads.  Angel investors, take a look.


  1. Lars says:

    This is entirely unfair. I am featured in this video – the kid with the fedora – and my conversation with Tim was clipped down by about 2/3rds. I never questioned the legitimacy of Barack Obama as president, nor did I ever say in any certain terms that I thought he had been born in Kenya. As a student, I find myself without significant amounts of time to devote towards learning about politicians’ personal lives, but I do strive towards being educated about their policy. The simple fact of the matter is, the protest was against President Obama’s recent legislature, which seeks a controlled-market solution for a problem that could best be solved by a free market, and although I don’t know much about President Obama’s personal life – as I freely admitted in a segment Tim seems to have trimmed from the video with the aim of making me appear stupid – I don’t believe this particular discussion to be particularly relevant or indeed necessary to a conversation on President Obama’s policy.

    • TLR says:

      Don’t worry Lars, it is painfully apparent to anyone watching this sorry excuse of a video that the filmmaker is full of ill intent, asking an irrelevant question and mocking the answers he receives — all without advancing an argument of his own, nor dealing with the point of the Tea Party protest. To me you are a courageous citizen. You speak for more of us than you know. We can see behind this interviewer’s arrogant techniques — and he is the ONLY idiot featured in this piece. Joining you in spirit, if not locale, at my next local Tea Party!

      • Brian Jennings says:

        Seems to me that the only achingly-clear position is the wack-a-loons who think our president is a secret Kenyan, hell-bent on killing our country. Very funny, yet scary that these people actually walk the streets. They probably own the movie JFK.

      • mike1 says:

        Hi Mark, Socialism is not a form of government but an economic system. Fascism on the other hand is a type of government. I hope that helps. I would think the american public could destinguish between the two but I guess I am wrong. But while we are on the subject, how would one define big government. I also agree that every President should show proof of citizenship, Reagan was another President that never showed proof. Anyway hope that helps.

    • Pervert alert says:


      And this man thinks he can call others stupid?

      • julie says:

        Thank you for showing us who Tim Russo really is. The young boy featured in his video didn’t realize what a sick man he was talking to. With his conviction he should not be allowed to approach anyone young enough to be his victim.

    • pxl says:

      “a problem that could best be solved by a free market”

      a free and unregulated market is what caused the problem.

    • jason says:

      love this, if republicans were making a stand on facts I could support them. but the birth debate is hillarious.. the majority of america is watching these guys and laughing…. I pity these people, they are going to be hurting for awhile since President Obama will definitely do 8…..

  2. tim russo says:

    thanks for the kind words. i try!

  3. Eric says:

    Lars is making the rounds doing damage control. LOL. “Ahhh…Kenya wasn’t it?” is either ill-informed or ill-intentioned – or both. You could have said “I don’t know” or “He had to be, it’s a requirement to BE President in the Constitution of the United States” or “I think so”, or anything but “Ah…Kenya wasn’t it? I think I read that somewhwere”. I’m sure you did read that somewhere, Lars. Thanks for the expansion of your views over at Plunderbund. Just think before you answer a question on camera next time. You never know, you just might become famous!

    Your argument that you don’t have time to find out about personal lives but do have time to investigate policy fully is disingenuous. The question of Obama’s citizenship was a SMEAR and should have been dismissed by anyone who was honestly and objectively looking at the candidates. Your unwillingness to dismiss this smear out of hand makes me wonder. I’m not buying it.

    Thanks for correcting yourself at PB also. Maybe you should have done that everywhere you appear to be doing damage control.

    • Lars says:

      Eric, yes, I don’t dispute that what I’m doing constitutes damage control. Very nearly all of my friends follow Mr. Russo’s blog and I think we can agree that being made the laughing stock of my university is somewhat of a harsh punishment for a poorly-informed 2 minute interview. I don’t object to being characterized – probably legitimately – as an idiot, but I don’t want to be branded with the title of “smear merchant.”

      And, yes, for the sake of anyone reading this, I was wrong. Everything I’ve read since the protest gives me every reason to believe President Obama was born in Hawaii, and my belief that he was born in Kenya was very likely informed by people with their own agendas.

      In my own defense, though, during the course of the full interview I did say I didn’t know much about President Obama’s personal life. While I certainly did reveal myself as too willing to open my mouth before thinking, I’m not sure Tim acted in the best faith, and if the full interview had been posted I would have come off less as an agenda-pusher and more as poorly-informed.

      • NormaJ says:

        Lars, don’t let these fool intimidate you. Everyone on that video should be proud of the opinions they had. Many people are starting to see the light.

        • askme says:

          what light is that?
          The tea party movement is mainly concerned about taxes correct? Well how did you do this tax season? I know the majority of american people got taxed less, not more.
          Maybe you all should stop watching Glenn Beck cry about the lies he spreads around, or Sarah Palin talk about her guns, and start paying attention to what is really going on. Do your OWN research!

      • beverly says:

        Why didn’t you’s stand up when Bush was getting us in this shap?What is wrong with you people? You gave Bush 8 years to destroy us, there were no marches or anything.This man walked into a nightmare and you won’t even give him a chance.
        signed an old lady

      • Rosemary says:

        I received an invitation to the “tea party”. Honestly, after reading it I didn’t know whether to laugh out loud or to be frightened that the person or persons behind the invitation was at large and not in an institution and under heavy medication. Never have I read such nonsense (a euphamism for unmitigated crap). Yes, the tea party was indeed about President Obama. It is painfully clear that there are people who believe that the country’s ills have been created in the two months he has been in office. That these people accuse President Obama — yes, assholes, he IS our president — of such atrocities as abusing our civil liberties and creating a massive budged deficit that our children will inherit is, well, way, way beyond lunacy. Far past self-delusional. Yes, even farther than “What the fuck??!!”
        By the way, the socialism of which Mark speaks — may we assume that refers to the various bailouts? The bailouts that began under George W. Bush?
        America, love it or leave it. unless my guy isn’t in charge. Then it’s tyranny. God save us all!

    • Pelikan says:

      Eric – lol … Readers: Eric didn’t whore link, I will … go check out Plunderbund.

    • NormaJ says:

      FYI There are MANY people that believe Obama was born in Kenya. Who was the fool behind the camera that claims he has seen the bith certificate? He is either lying or he is the only one in the country that has seen it. There is a forged copy of a certificate of live birth that lack a seal, doctors signature, and hospital on the internet hosted by factcheck (far left liberal organization). Obama has distanced himself from any claims of claiming this forgery. The original vault copy of the birth certificate is sealed per orders of Obama and remains in the possession of officials in Hawaii. Obama has spent millions to date in legal fees defending his right to keep these documents sealed. Many military officers have now joined the court case challenging Obama’s eligibility, and have been issued a gag order that they are not permitted to discuss the case. If that camera man has seen that BC, he should bring it forward and save the Messiah all this trouble.

      • beverly says:

        As far as people from Ashtabula ,joining a tea party, they should be asking. How can you build a few milion dollar
        wooden bridge, then turn around andsay we have to close government offices to save money, and of course I’ll bet the fire department and police department will be in there somewhere.You people better wake up and start marching
        for things right here at home, because it is going to affect you.

        • beverly says:

          Sorry have toclear up the government offices, they
          want to close then 20 days a month

        • Debby Dalton says:

          How true about the bridge. I live in Ashtabula co. I see this all over though…The world has gone crazy. Just like Geneva Hospital adding all the new offices attached to the Hopital..Yes that is convenient, but That just left more emplyt buildings around Geneva. Lood at the Mall, but year they built that strip mall with the Altell store when the mall was going down hill. I know much of this money is private but it is our county and we need to fill some of the empty building such as the old Kmart. Some int the Giant eagle Mall. Is the tops store filled…Again the bridge was totally unnecessary as so many more things here and nationwied. Come tho The Tea Party in Cleveland, on April 15 4-6-pm. I was the organizer until a few days ago, I turned it over to Ralph to finish so I could get a few days rest until the 15th. Deb

  4. Steve says:

    Hello. You claim that President Obama has presented his notarized birth certificate as proof of his eligibility to run for President. Supposedly it has been also posted on the web.

    I’m a Democrat and would like to see it too. I’ve seen fake Obama documents but nothing legitimate yet. I’d love to post the real certificate on my website. I just want the truth, so this issue can finally come to a close.

    This is not about Obama or party politics,it’s about the U.S. Constitution. It’s an issue that applies to all candidates who want to run for president.

    If you are right, it should be an easy exercise for you to post the certificate here. If you don’t, look in the mirror and call yourself an idiot. Cheers!

    • harleyrock says:

      there is no BC posted, he just dropped another million dollars to prevent producing it for a few more months and just did an Execytive Order not requiring him to produce evidence of citizenship—-the money is very easy to lacate and the Ex Or is todays news

  5. Dan from Berea OH says:

    The only idiot here was behind the camera.

  6. You know, I fell for it. I focused on distraction of party politics and do indeed look like a fool. I was recently interviewed by an Obama supporter during a recent Tea Party Protest. I was seen screaming, “Who wants to print some money?!?!” and video is out there to prove it. Later on in the video I answered a question about Obama’s eligibility and ramble away I did. I was lead away from the entire purpose of the Tea Party and I commend the reporter on his smoke and mirrors tactics. Kudos to him and his accomplishment.

    A lot of this specific tactic was seen in media coverage of the Greece riots where a protestor was shot and killed by police. The remainder of the reporting focused on the element of retaliation for a protestor’s death, therefore the true revolt against central economic planning was masked.

    They say a smart man learns from his own mistakes, while a wiser man learns from the mistakes of others. I would like to bring to everyone’s attention my mistake so that you can be wiser for it.

    The real issue we are fighting and the answer I should have given in response to the question, “Do you think Obama is a natural-born citizen?” is “That is not why I am hear today.”

    Obama is doing exactly what the Bush Administration did. I admit I made the mistake of voting for Bush and the Republicans blew it. Bush, as you may remember, ran as a peace candidate and was going to be fiscally responsible. That was the same platform and force behind propelling Obama to the POTUS.

    When Bush pushed TARP on us through the Democrat-controlled Congress, I spoke out against this Constitutional usurpation. In fact, I helped to organize an effort to ensure our voice be heard against this deficit spending through the private Federal Reserve Bank.

    One of the targets of our campaign was Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) who said he received roughly 2,000 letters, emails or phone calls per day pertaining to the bailout, 95 percent of which were negative and against the bailout bill. He didn’t listen to the People. The bailout passed. Nationalization continues on its path.

    Both McCain and Obama voted yes to the TARP. Both have voted historically for more war. People that listened to their party only didn’t bother to check out their respective candidate’s record on wars and welfare. If that voter did investigate and still voted for their Party Candidate, then they were dupped just like we Republicans were. Obama and McCain were one in the same. More often than not Obama voted for war with McCain. McCain voted more often than not with Obama on welfare programs. Oddly enough many of these welfare and warfare programs came with the efforts of Bush. Check it out for yourself. It was predicted by a special someone we all know that nothing would change between the Bush Administration and Obama Administration. The only change we see thusfar is in the overall increase in governmental scope.

    Bush voted for welfare programs and warfare programs both supported through money creation and expansion by the private Federal Reserve Bank. OBAMA IS DOING THE SAME THING!!!! Do not let anyone drive you off this path of truth.

    So here I stand today and spoke a bit of truth about military personnel filing legal action against this administration. They are filing legal action regarding Obama’s eligibility for POTUS through the Constitution. If you don’t believe me, perhaps some words by Alan Keyes might give you some insight here as to what I was talking about in my brutal interview – http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/washington/2009/02/obama-birth-cer.html

    I may not be an eloquent speaker as captured by video, but I do understand the core of our problems. I admitted I made a mistake on who I voted for in the past and someone turned me to the Constitution to see what the rules really were. I spoke my voice then against further Constitutional usurpations by the Bush Presidency and Democratic House/Senate and now I will speak out against the Obama Presidency and Democratic House/Senate.

    We have not had a free market and our problems cannot be blamed on that. We have a central bank that can control the amount of money and credit in circulation along with the purchasing power of money through distortions of interest rates. That is to be considered CENTRAL ECONOMIC PLANNING. This is by no means a free market in the slightest. Our generation and our parent’s generation have not seen much of a true free market in their lifetimes.

    Obama, McCain, and Bush ALL focused on the wonderful tactic this interviewer so eloquently exhibited through his video. It is a focus on the crazy fringe issues, while never bringing up the true culprit of our nation’s destruction. President Paul (he is my President at least) has been given these same diversion tactics in interview after interview. Somehow he is able to direct the answer back to our destruction coming from our monetary policy and our central economic planning.

    Both Democrats and Republicans LOVE to inflate the money supply to give EVERYONE whatever the hell they want. It does not work.

    How about giving sound money a try?

    Why not give freedom a try?

    Both Administrations and Parties (except for a small minority of Congressman like President Ron Paul) have been for warfare and welfare. A compromise in Washington is giving both sides more than they want, so they turn to the Federal Reserve in order to fund the compromise. The Federal Reserve creates the money, loans it to the Governments, and then the Government divvies it out to whatever special interest group they like the most according to who is in office. The Federal Reserve then collects every penny of federal income taxes to pay for the interest on the money the Federal Reserve just got done creating out of nothing.

    If you or your group is not one of the politically connected you are in for a rude awakening. By the time the money does get to you or your group prices have adjusted upward since a larger supply of money is chasing after the same amount of goods or less goods in economic times like today. The everyday American gets to pay for all of the deficits through taxes and higher consumer good prices. We are all being robbed while we chase the smoke and mirrors of ancillary arguments. Stay on focus is what I have learned.

    If the people were truly taxed for all of the welfare and warfare of this country it would all end in weeks because we do not have the money. When you have a central bank that can create the money the tax payment can be delayed. The tax payment is being called to us right now and you will see price inflation like you have never seen before as our foreign investors wise up. This inflation of consumer good prices (energy and food) will be a direct result of the increase in the money supply by Bush and Obama and the Federal Reserve Bank.

    These two administrations should be criminally charged in treason against the Constitution.

    It matters not who is in office, what matters is the rule of law. Just because 32% of the registered voters in America voted for Obama, does not mean the Constitution can be ignored.

    • NormaJ says:

      I thought you did a great job on the video. Never apologize for your views to liberal fools. I agree with everything you said, as do many others, and the numbers are growing. This video was suppose to ridicule the protestors, in fact it motivated me. I will be at the next one.

      • mike1 says:

        right on Norma, lets get Palin elected in 2012. If we get Glen Beck on the same ticket I know we will win. Keep up the good work.

    • TLR says:

      No apologies, Timothy. You answered as any honest person of integrity would — expecting the same of your questioner, which sadly was too much to expect. Like NormaJ, I too was moved and motivated by this video. The filmmaker’s propaganda techniques were obvious, flagrant, and quite frankly repulsive to us ordinary Americans out there who happen to stumble upon this hit-piece. Thank you — you speak for more of us than you know! I plan to party like it’s 1775 all year long. It beats the Obamas’ weekly Wednesday gala events, dining on $100 steaks and partying like it’s 1928! We’ve got a country to save. Thank you and Godspeed.

      • Timothy_Gandee says:

        Thank you for your kind words. Apparently there are a bunch of Americans that love to be stolen from and robbed from daily. I will not back down because I made myself look foolish. I am sure it will not be the last time either. Keep up the good fight and I hope to see you in Cleveland.

        Don’t forget the End the Federal Reserve Rally too on April 25.

  7. Kent says:

    Oh, that’s wrong… that’s not the way it happened at all. I know someone who was there, and they’re just trying to smear the good names of the TEA PARTY PARTICIPANTS. Be ashamed of yourself for believing and printing stuff that just insn’t true!

    • TLR says:

      Not to worry, Kent. Only self-satisfied, Kool-Aid-chugging twits could ever believe this sorry hit piece. The techniques are juvenile and despicable, and any 5-year-old could see through them. All the rest of us can easily see that you are great citizens and real patriots. Thank you for attending this protest and for defending the real story. You speak for so many of us.

      • JohnY says:

        Not cool, Don’t put down Kool-Aid, I love it when he crashes thru the wall and everyone drinks a nice cool refreshing glass of cherry flavor kool-aid.

      • Geodome56 says:

        News flash: It is now the end of April, 2011 . . . Have any of you “tea party” folks grown any smarter in the past 2 years ? ? And what is this crap about questioning his place of birth ? It was printed in 2 newspapers of the time. And please learn something about birth certificates – - – I had to get mine from Montana & it was not signed by a doctor!
        How many of you have a college degree in ANYTHING, and how many of you graduated from Harvard Law? I know I’m just wasting iPhone time by even addressing just a few of the many questions that could be asked of tea potty people, so I will leave it at that. I am a farmer (you’ve heard about food?) and a member of Rednecks for Obama along with some of my neighbor/farmer friends. Many of us had to tough it out after the Bush Crash of 2008, and we are hoping that it will finally get better in 2011, and it looks like it will. Please try to learn something about this country AND the Constitution – - read “A People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn. A history book that is a real page turner!

  8. harleyrock says:

    nice camera work but the angle of deception is real kiddie like, the MSNBC and other entertainment items like Curic cutting interviews to fit any goal are bad examples

    the people are serious about what they are doing and appear to accept the camera as true journalism but the editor made a fool of himself depicting inteligent beings as obama type drooling idiots

    these folks are regular people, workers, church leaders, scouts, bikers, cowboys—not paid protesters like the Socialist as a rule are

    in other words it is a disgrace to art and humanity what you attempted to portray with this lie

  9. harleyrock says:

    ohh, I see now, this is an obama worship site, no wonder why twisting reality is acceptable here—–typical socialist, try to make others look bad so you feel better about your inferior self

    I feel sorry for you former Americans, you were so loving to this Arab you forgot to ask who he is , what his beliefs are and check out his background—–wish you would have because I know you poor people are hurt inside for the deception you are suffering, we Americans did ask wko he was a laughed and said no freakin way are we gonna be responsible for destroying America

  10. harleyrock says:

    what does it feel like to adore an idiot like obama? Does it not tear your stomach up at night knowing he is giving our money to terrorist, have you seen the billions he giving Cuba? My goodness, the entire budget of a State

    now hes hiring 300,000 Mexicans to take our jobs, no longer requiring citizenship to work at Welfare office or the prevailing wage job. No more border restrictions so the drug wars come right on in

    your fault for not wanting to know who he is

  11. TLR says:

    The ONLY idiot featured was BEHIND the camera. The leading questions. The cut-aways before people could answer. The preening ignorance posing as savoir-faire. The total refusal to engage in the REAL point of this protest — out-of-control spending that robs future generations while also radically undermining the very fabric of our Republic.

    But speaking of undermining the fabric of our Republic — yes, the birth certificate is another fine example. The videomaker laughs at these good Americans, without ever making a case of his own. I suppose he would call Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia an “idiot” as well, for saying yesterday that he is ready to hear Orly Taitz’s case.

    Kudos and warm wishes to all the fine, upstanding citizens featured in this video. You speak for us all. Courage and Godspeed.

  12. Thomasd McMahan says:

    Another liberal video blogger editing his clips to try to make people look foolish. Actually he is the one looking foolish. He doesn’t know that the actual birth certificate has not been produced. The one touted is a forgery. This is media out of the ilk of Katie Couric where one cuts and pastes to try to produce your goal of minimizing pepole with very reasonable concerns. Obama is and has been a catastrophe to the US and more and more ordinary people are realizing it. 25% of people who voted for Obama regret their vote and the number is rising. He has and is lying daily (witness “no earmarks) witness bipartisanship. His foreign policy is laughable. He is spending the US into oblivion. Where is the next Tea Party!!!

  13. Wallflower says:

    Give me a break. I accept BO as my president.I don’t question his eligibility. But I surly didn’t vote for him. I think he is making some very poor choices and making an already bad situation into a far greater one. Not everyone who opposes his policies and attends the “tea parties” question his eligibility. They are however questioning this unprecedented spending spree in Washington. This can not continue. Lets not forget who controlled Congress and the Senate the last two years. It was the Dems! They happily went along with President Bush’s fiscal irresponsibility. Now they Dems have to take responsibility for burden they are putting on our future generations. Tea Party in Madison WI April 15th. I’ll be there

  14. Tate says:

    I was also an “interviewee” and I must say that I stand by my comment that I’d like to believe that Obama would at least be honest about his citizenship. I wasn’t there to protest the legitmacy of Obama’s presidency the blame for the porkulus lies on those out of touch Congressmen on both sides of the aisle who voted for this crap sandwich while ignoring the voices of those they claim to represent. Of course my answer as to why I was actually there, to protest the governmet’s generational theft ad the broken promise of “transparency”, was cut what a surprise. Oh and the only drone was the interviwer’s pointless smear.

    • NormaJ says:

      You go girl! See you at the next tea! I have been embolden by this piece of garbage video. See you there too Timmy? I’ll be looking for you, and I’m also bringing my video.

  15. TCPatriot says:

    Interesting, He wants to put all the blame on Republicans. No blame for Wilson (Federal Reserve), (socialism), Roosevelt, take your pick of any of his socialistic programs you wish. How about Carter who signed that bill in 1978, HMMMMM aw yeah Clinton putting this housing crisis on steroids. HMMMMM oh, how the Dems filabustered the attempts of the Republicans to put regulations on ole Fanny and Freddy. HMMMMMM oh yeah how Barnie said he agreed with them that they did not need any regulations. Funny thing about these people is they have tried for 150 yrs to change history but the truth always show them for the kool-aide drinkers they are

  16. Piney says:

    This whole, “trash the people”, crap has to stop! It IS a concerted effort to embarrass folks, to ridicule folks, to make folks not speak their thoughts. Of course, there are the twits who delight in this behavior :(

    This IS our land, with freedom of speech, with a right to life, liberty and happiness.

  17. Bdo says:

    Wait…It’s ok to protest now? I thought people who protested weren’t courageous or noble but traitors and whack-jobs?

    Or was that only when Bush was in office?

    Glad to see the tea party protests where small in comparison to the anti Iraq-war protests that occurred all over the world drawing huge crowds.

    You’re all a fringe group of lunatics chanting the praises of a party with an approval rating of 29%.

    • NormaJ says:

      BDO, those would be the anti-American protestors, like code pink and the rest of the commies that harrass our troops. I see you are a little intimidated by the lack of support for the socialist in the white house.

  18. Mark says:

    Who cares if you’re standing there with someone who wouldn’t believe he was born here or not? It’s OBAMA who gave them reason to believe that. They are all thinking the same things you are, that he’s a socialist pig that needs to be impeached.

    Don’t let them make you not band with others just because they have different expressions of suspicion about Obama. It all boils down to the same thing – SOCIALISM.

    They’re trying to intimidate you by putting a label on you. Put a label back on them because the label they have is the truth of it ALL – SOCIALIST MARXISM, which Obama’s father was an advocate for.

    I don’t care if these people come and don’t believe he was born here. Who could blame them? The more the merrier! They are really there for the same reasons we are.

  19. Mark says:

    My bad. I thought this was another site. This is one of those socialist-advocate blogs.

  20. Tom says:

    First of all the Tea party has nothing to do with obama. It has everything to do with the government spending money it doesn’t have. The Bush administration is guilty of this also. I hope this joker and his camera shows up at the next tea party of April 15th. I would like to ask him a few questions.

  21. rockdog says:

    No bias eh? bwahahahahahahahahaha
    Nice propaganda comrade.
    O ne
    B ig
    A **
    M istake
    A merica…

  22. J.Q. Patriot says:

    As a thinking person I know that you can make someone look like they said almost anything on tape. Why the citizenship question? Were you affraid of the answers about out of control taxes and goverment spending?
    And what was the Barney Frank comment about? He should be sent to prison. In fact I have a Facebook Club:


    Looking at you if anyone is Barney Franks type its you.

    J.Q. Patriot
    Send Barney Frank to Prison

  23. Rocco 61 says:

    Hey numbnuts, Can you come up with a more relevant question?

  24. Tarus gipson says:

    President Barack Obama was born in Kenya because Fox News said so. You idiots are brainwashed listening to Sean Hannity , Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and Super Nut Glen Beck! If you didn’t know, It is not difficult to discredit a BLACKMAN at all!!!

  25. Tarus gipson says:

    In the left corner you have the Democratic Socialist Party ! And in the right corner you have the Republican New Confederate Tea Party ! Both Parties needs to grow up and stop with the childishness and work TOGETHER as one Nation !( Especially the Right)


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