April 18, 2014

The Daily Graphic: George W. Bush Approval Rating Over Eight Years

Yeah, yeah. I know, old news.  I got to thinking though after hearing some of Barack Obama’s initial approval ratings about a cool graphic presentation in the Wall Street Journal around Inauguration Day.  They were charts like the one below for Bush which showed ratings over time overlaid with the big news events of the day as well as one chart with all post WWII presidents together.



  1. James Hylton Jr says:

    I concur with most of this graph, though I believe that we fogot about the good he did after Katrina hit. Though that was badly handled, I think it was mostly due to incompotent lower afficials. Afterwords, it seems that we held abit of a grudge towords Bush.

    • Alex A. says:

      You gotta be kind. Isn’t the incompetence of the lower officials a symptom of the high official incompetence? Bush!

      • Mark says:

        Alex i wonder if you feel the same about Obama, do we blame him for crashing the economy further, and having the most deadly year in Iraq thus far… I personally blame the Governor of New Orleans, and so does half the state… He failed to set plans in action, and do his job… But we also have to realize the class of people in New Orleans, many of these folks could not of evacuated even if told to do so… The town was in ruins after the event… People looted electronic stores instead of food lions… Looting the food lion is not looting that in my mind is survival, but stealing a tv well that’s just plan poor class…

        Honestly i don’t want the president in charge of fema, the banks, the auto industry, i want him to do his job according to the constitution not his free will… Because right now we look pretty much like a damn socialist country… And feel like it too…

        • Jeremiah says:

          Yes the majority of us here blamed the governor. SHE turned down initial help from Bush. Also the mayor of New Orleans (another not-so-bright individual) didn’t want to evacuate because of a false alarm on a hurricane a year or two earlier.

        • Phil the Foolkiller says:

          1) The “Governor of New Orleans” does not exist
          2) Deadliest year in Iraq was 2007 with 951 US
          dead; last year 20098 was 150, so far 1020= 12
          3) Actual figures for Iraq are 5 million civilians
          made into refugees, millions still in tents outside
          Iraq; 4700 US dead and counting; maybe 1 million
          human beings dead altogher; and a projected $3
          trillion in US national treasure poured down a
          rathole for NOTHING- a fake war, fake WMDS, fake
          threat, but I guess Saddam tried to hurt Dubya’s
          That (and the Bush Paulson banker bailout) is what
          bankrupted the US Govermment and people. These
          are cold, hard facts.

        • Tony says:

          Well said…but too many people are the right are not only IGNORING truth and fact, but lying about the data to cast the blame on Obama. He was OBLIGATED to execute the bail out law as signed and directed by Bush. He did NOT create it but just followed the law (how freshing after eight years of lawlessness by a president).

        • Andy says:

          @ “Phil the Foolkiller”:
          What?? Are you out of your mind or are you simply lying? Where are you getting your facts from ? 5 million??? Give me a break.
          To counter your arguments –
          1. Just because the Louisiana Governor during Katrina no longer holds the office, it does not absolve her of criticism. In fact it only shows how the people of Louisiana were frustrated at her utter incompetence. kathleen was totally unfit to be Governor.
          2. The Iraq war was more about national security than about ideology. Don’t blame the people on Right and try to make it like a “right-wing conspiracy”. People never mention the millions and millions of people that Saddam and Chemical-Ali terminated or the fact that majority of Iraqi people were rejoicing in the streets when Saddam was overthrown.
          3. Your facts are totally wrong. The economic policies that caused the breakdown/meltdown were put in place during the Jimmy Carter era and have been in place for 30 years. Bush/Paulson didn’t cause it overnight! Grow up. If it was something that can be caused overnight, it can be put back into place in no time. Why is our president taking so long then? To add to it, he introduced this stupid healthcare agenda, thereby introducing 9 trillion dollars in extra spending, while excessive spending was the root cause of the whole thing – even a sixth grader will tell you that!!!

      • digitusmedius says:

        Within 6 months of President Obama coming into office, the recession was officially over and we’ve had 30 straight months of economic growth since then and at least 3 million recovered jobs. If that’s called “crashing” the economy by his right wing detractors, is it any wonder why things go so badly when the people they vote for get into power?

        • Julia says:

          Look up the statistics for the national debt for the 8 years Bush was in office versus the first 4 years of Barack Obama’s presidency. He may have a civil war on his hands if he continues to forget about us here in the south who would sooner die then compromise our beliefs or watch someone tear apart the constitution.

        • Julia says:

          And yes, he did crash the economy.

    • slippy says:

      Remind us, James, what “good” Bush did after Katrina?

      I remember that he played his guitar. And he cut cake. And he told his FEMA appointee who was more worried about what he was wearing than what he was doing that he was doing a “heckuva job.”

      And I think he actually flew over New Orleans in Air Force One at one point and looked at it.

      But other than that, he didn’t do jack and everybody knows it. Katrina was a catastrophic failure of the George W. Bush Administration and the Republican philosophy and brand, and it has been in a tailspin of decline ever since.

      • whistler says:

        The entire northern Louisiana region was declared a disaster area by the Federal Government before Hurricane Katrina made landfall, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) prepositioned 18 disaster medical teams, medical supplies and equipment, urban search and rescue teams along with millions of MREs, liters of water, tarpaulins, and truckloads of ice.
        This is from Wikipedia. There is also a NY Times report that Pres. Bush ordered a mandatory evacuation the weekend before Katrina hit. So, who shall we point the finger at? The state of Louisiana officials and the mayor of New Orleans were in charge of decisions at the state and city levels.

        • Isaac William says:

          The state of Missisippi was as badly hit. However, we heard of no such outrageous failures because Mississipi had a competent Governor in Hailey Barbour. Why do you think Kathleen Blanco didn’t run for a second term? Pres. Bush had called her to see if she needed any help and she said no. Also, do you know that the Federal Government agencies cannot encroach on what essentially comes under state purview. FEMA exists only to **help** local and state agencies- not to take over it. Otherwise, why have local governments at all if for every emergency Federal agencies need to step in? What if a tornado were to hit suddenly?

          The problem is that Pres. Bush is far too decent and honorable a man who would **never** pass the blame to somebody else.

          Let me ask you- those of you who voted for the “Messiah”, the “Savior of the world” in the hope of hope and change- how’s that hope and change working out for you?

        • Jeff Zimmerman says:

          Working out all right. From losing 700,000 jobs a month under the Shrub to adding over 200,000 jobs per month in 2012. Do you not remember the death spiral the country was in under the Republicans? Things have turned around and are heading up.

      • Drtbker4life says:

        Tell me, where does it say the President, or the government for that matter, is responsible to fix natural disasters? Back in the day, 1887 actually, Grover Cleveland, a Democrat, vetoed a bill that would have given aid to farmers in Texas affected by a drought. Horrible, right? His reasoning? The US Government was not concerned with matters involving a few Americans – rather, it was the choice of the American people to help, or not to help. The result? Private donations exceeded the amount of money that Congress initially requested.

        With all the waste an inefficiency the federal government displayed after Katrina, I can’t help but think Cleveland was right.

        • digitusmedius says:

          Blanco’s first request for federal aid went out on August 27, and another one on the following day. AT NO TIME did she or the mayor of N.O. refuse federal government aid. FEMA, under the direction of that “superb-job Brownie” was completely unprepared for the task and showed massive incompetence.

    • Joy C says:

      I think the approval rating dropped so fast after 9-11 is because Bush took SO LONG to go after the Muslim terrorists! AND……all along he did nothing for America about our open borders and jobs going overseas! I’d vote for him again…….ANYTHING but what we have now!!

      • Nick P says:

        I’m more worried about the Christian terrorists than the Muslim ones.

        • Swoop says:

          Christian terrorists??? WFT you talking about idiot- you see Christians blowing crap up anywhere? You are such a moron.

        • digitusmedius says:

          Absolutely correct to be, too. They represent a much greater threat to our existence as a secular, democratic republic than all of the other outside threats put together.

  2. Hmm... says:

    It took over 4 years and Katrina to drop Bush to the mid 40′s that Obama is already enjoying. God, or speedy evolution, please save us from ourselves.

    Oh, and don’t try that “he inherited this mess” fallacy. The Republicans deserve a lot of credit, but the Dems need to own their share in this mess too. The Dems (with Obama) took over control of the federal purse strings in 2006, not 2009. Don’t let them fool you.

    • Mike says:

      Thanks for pointing out this, Democrats only know how to blame people for mistakes, come on Obama still saying this mess is bigger than he thought, and its all Bush’s fault, thanks for pointing out the Democrats have been in power since 2006, they only have been in power without anybody to blame since 2008 and thats when their support has went through the floor, this just shows they get things done by blameing Republicans.

      • Tony says:

        The blame must be shared, BUT you must also acknowledge the truth that the Republican controlled congress pushed through the bulk of deregulation of Wall Street, banks, and mortgage companies. You MUST acknowledge the truth of how the debt rose dramatically under Bush and the Republicans. The Democrats are not perfectly innocent, but you can only realize from examining the data that by and large, the Republicans in congress aligned with Bush to borrow and spend and favor the wealthy in this country.

    • Gary says:

      Get over your partisan bickering and do your homework.

      How about looking at the bipartisan causes of the financial mess? Neither Bush nor Obama can take credit for this mess. Its roots in deregulation go way back further than that:

      1. 1980s: Reagan deregulates energy, banking
      2. 1990s: Clinton further deregulates banking
      3. 2002: Massive East Coast blackout caused by deregulation of the energy market (a transmission line sagging that never should have carried so much energy, and a house of dominoes set up in the power grid)
      4. 2003: Enron discovered to have actively manipulated California energy blackouts for profit
      5. 2008: “Subprime” mortgage collapse spills over into the general economy; worst recession since 1929

      To their credit, both Bush and Obama recognized that Keynesian-based economic policy would work better than the US Gov’t policy of 1930 and the Japanese policies of the 1990s. They smartly intervened with the stimulus bills to prevent full-blown depression.

  3. sammib says:

    This is amazing!!! You people need to get your head out of the sand where main stream news has put you and read the fact of where the BUSH admin put you!!! Really READ the Patriot Act for yourself, if you can get a copy. Ya, have a beer with the happy little man, but cheer his time in office!!?? You people were complaining Obama hadn’t fixed anything with in days of his coming into office and bickering about health care and all of your woo’s while we have men and women over in that God Forsaken country given their lives for you to complain, without the protective equipment(Bush did order more planes we’ll never use or probably see), food, medical, etc, etc, etc, that they should have to come home where they belong!!!!! There is so little published about this catastrophy!!!!! And what for? Bush let the whole Bin Laden family fly out while Americans where stuck, for days, and being one of them and with family in the military fighting this stupid War for the WMD’s that they dreamed up and letting Bin Laden get away in Afganistan!!!!!!!!! This is amazing to me!!!! Drive through your city and count the number of American Flags flying in support of the people who are protecting your ability to bicker at the President,it’s pretty sad to see how few you’ll find unless there’s an agenda, like a picnic or a parade. Find fault with at the dip s__’s in office, before and now. Taking so much time to bicker over things that don’t need immediate attention and taking time to vacation, take breaks,etc. When we’re on a job, especially one that needs immediate attention, you don’t quite ’til the job is done! They choose these high offices and all the perks, guess they have to put up with the stinking hours. Wouldn’t we all be happy to be able to get what they get for the little dedication to the job they perform. In the mean time making backroom deals to line their own pockets, especially when they leave the office! Placing blame, both parties are good at it without question, but the brass of these Republicans has to be the most!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Shot Gun Pete says:

    I have never understood why republicans call Obama the messiah? Is it that they love Obama so much they label him with the name of Jesus, or do they hate Jesus so much that they label their enemies with a name held for Jesus?

    Any way I just wanted to remind all that Bush was re-elected in 2004 with less then a fifty percent approval rating.

  5. Superman Scott says:

    As stated above Bush’s approval rating dropped to less than 50% over Four years. Mr. Change obama’s has dropped to that in less than Two !! He has yet to change Squat, except push America towards socialism & further decline. To correct one of the above posts Bush won the 2004 election with 51 to 53 percent of the vote !! ( depending on what article you read ) It Was NOT 49% as the idiot above stated….at 49% he wouldn’t have won. Bush was a good president in office during a hard 8 years for America. Everyone bashing him now I bet wasn’t doing so when they got their 2 stimulus checks in the mail from his doing. So shut up ! Also at least Bush was never in doubt as to whether or not he was legally a U.S. Citizen. Bet Bush could & would produce his birth certificate if asked !

  6. John L. Carriker says:

    Superman scunt, shut up yourself, you can spout your RT-Wing, FOX, Wall Street Journal, Murdoch crap. This is one Democrat that deals in Truth and Facts an I will fight for these causes, Honesty, you’re so rabid you wouldn’t recognize truth and facts if they kicked your teeth in, along with your Tea-Bag buddies. I’m an old dude, Vet USN/USMC, retired, seen it all. Started with “Dirty Tricks” Nixon, the lousy ‘trickle down’ Reagan. I won’t be around to see it but when the middle class is completely annihilated and they become totally dependent on the elite, where will you be? Crime will rage, freedoms will disappear, poverty will engulf the hoi polloi and America is an oligarchy, third world country run by the elite top 5%. They will have no more use for the Tea-Bag thugs, where ya’ gonna be then?

  7. Jim says:

    I think Bush approval rating has risen past Obama’s recently. After the idiotic spending and awful healthcare reform, Obama and Democrats deserve to have the worst ratings in history.

  8. Pilch says:

    Give me a break. Thousands of Americans were stranded in one of our largest cities for almost a week and our president lands, speaks, tours, the periphery without commandeering every watercraft in 200 miles? He LEFT Americans on rooftops and in hospitals in 100 degree heat without water or rescue. Katrina is not why W is the worst president ever, Katrina is just the most glaring evidence of that fact.

    Any fake comparison to Obama is a sad Right-wing attempt to equivocate. Weak. Sorry, history will judge W harshly and if it has anything to say about Obama it would be that he was too conciliatory and weak.


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