April 24, 2014

Sherrod Brown Skips Geithner Vote, Glad He Did

When you watch the issues that Sherrod Brown fights for on behalf of Ohioans and all Americans in the U.S. Senate, and you consider how damn smart the guy is, is it any wonder he’d miss the vote confirming our new Secretary of the Treasury?

Here’s what I know about Timothy Geithner.  He was talked about as one of the primary architect’s of former SecTreas Henry Paulson’s $700 billion Wall Street bailout.  $350 billion of that Congressionally approved money is spent, seemingly up in smoke, and not much of it seems to have untroubled any assets which needed relief. National City Bank, formerly of Cleveland, is now part of the PNC Bank Corp. courtesy of some of those TARP funds.

The TARP is an ongoing FAIL of massive proportions and those who designed it, demanded its rush through Congress and created the climate of fear under which it was passed should be precluded from further public service.  Oh, that would be accountability.

Geithner was also an undersecretary at Treasury during the Clinton years, involved with international affairs.  How much you want to bet Brown and Geithner have some “free” trade disagreements?

I keep hearing what a financial genius Geithner is – I just hope his smarts are to put to use for the average taxpayer in this country, it’s obvious he can carry the water for the BoAs, Citis and PNCs of the world.

Who knows what was up with Sherrod today?  Could’ve been otherwise engaged, family issue, stuck in an airport, etc.  Perhaps he didn’t want to slight the new President, but just couldn’t hold his nose and vote for Geithner.  Maybe he’s like me and wants Paul Krugman in charge of Treasury.


  1. Julie Momyer says:

    The stimulus is going to sink us further into debt. The urgency to “save” jobs was as bogus as the bill. Big spending never ended debt or increased jobs. This stimulus only increases government, national debt, and government power. I applaud the republicans and 11 democrats that stood against it.

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