April 17, 2014

Mexico – Our Own Little Slice of Pakistan?

According to the U.S. Joint Operations Command there are at least two countries in the world in danger of “sudden collapse”: Pakistan and Mexico.

Can you imagine a collapse of the Mexican central government?  Perhaps army units around the country would align themselves with regional leaders or drug lords.  Next would come the potential for armed rivals fighting one another for central control.  What we’re talking about is Afghanistan just after the Soviets departed where there weren’t two sides in a civil war, but several.  What we might experience is hundreds of thousands of refugees on our southern border.

Our armed forces are currently stretched to the limit due to the Iraqi adventure.  What’s available to secure our southern border or insert into Mexico to keep or restore the peace?  China has spent the past several years working on its relations with Central and South America, primarily in places with oil, like Mexico.  How soon could the Chinese have a division or two on the ground, in Mexico?  When would they leave?

So, there’s a little bit of the nightmare scenario.  Do I believe any of the above will happen – no.  Could it? Yes.


  1. Maria Lopez says:

    These report has already been retracted. The problem with the US is that it’s news are sensationalist and this keeps Americans ignorant. The million or so Americans who live in Mexico are not returning in droves to the US, because many will face poverty. Unfortuntealy Mexico is in a terrible geographic position; next to the most drug consuming society. Mexicans see a society in the US that has many luxary items but who owe everything and definetely saw the current economic disaster coming long before.

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