April 20, 2014

Ohio Wrestles with Remnants of Hurricane Ike

Sunday was the Wind, Monday began the cleanup

The view from the greater Columbus area was surreal in places after several hours of sustained winds of 30-50 m.p.h. with hurricane gusts of 75-77 m.p.h. Trees of three to four feet in diameter uprooted and knocked over were almost commonplace Sunday night and Monday morning as people ventured out to look for open restaurants or just sightsee. The occasional numbskull blew through dead traffic lights like one of Ike’s gusts. I can’t believe there hasn’t been a T-bone car accident at every non-functioning traffic signal in town.

Governor Strickland announced this afternoon that by everyone’s best count there were approximately 2 million electric utility customers without power around the state. Here in Central Ohio, 60% of American Electric Power’s customers were without service. For the first time since moving to my Bexley neighborhood four months ago, I saw groups of kids moving in knots from yard to yard. I guess all those little rugrats really do spend their days indoors. Strickland declared a state of emergency for the state, making it a simpler proposition for state agencies to render local assistance to counties and municipalities. Ted Strickland is a swell guy. Thank God, Ken Blackwell didn’t win that election. With all of his hot air we’d have trees blowin’ over every day.

My power went out around 4:30 p.m. Sunday and was restored at about the same time on Monday. If it wouldn’t have been for both mine and my wife’s car becoming entombed in our detached garage – there’s no side door – being without power would’ve been fine for a day. It’s a hassle, sure. But the quiet at night and watching the neighborhood come to life for a few hours Sunday evening and Monday morning was worth it. I wonder if that taste of outdoors adventure set in with those kids? I’ll have to keep my eyes out for them …

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From Cincy Enquirer 1

Illustration by Dayton Daily News


  1. Nancy France says:

    Wow, Ike was a pain in the backside for all of us.. from here in Houston all the way up to y’all!

    I’m glad you’re okay. I’ve still got a friend in Columbus with no power. We just got our power back this evening, after losing it on Friday night.

  2. Jen Kurek says:

    how do I make a claim for damage from high winds since we were declared a “state of emergency”. Thanks for your help!

  3. Rhonnie Carter says:

    Most insurance Co’s have an 800 Catastrophe line and you can report your claim there. And a lot of Insurance Co’s even have websites where you can file your claim online. I work for a roofing company and some folks are havine to wait weeks for an adjuster to come out. If you have shingles blown off and your adjuster can’t get there for a while then I would suggest calling a roofing company and see if they can get come out and do temporary repairs so that you do not get further damages such as interior leaks. The insurance co’s will cover the cost of the temporary repairs. Good Luck…

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