April 23, 2014

Could someone shove ‘the big Twitter’ screen up CNN’s Rick Sanchez’s Ass?

Just when I forget what a dolt Rick Sanchez is, the weekend hits.

Sanchez is a former correspondent who did things like get himself tased, stand out in hurricanes, and simulate how to escape from a car underwater.  You know, news.

Now Sanchez is the CNN anchor at 10 p.m. EDT on the weekends.  His “newscasts” are difficult to focus on with his over-eagerness to hear himself shout and interrupt guests.  He also has an annoying habit of letting a guest say something and then restating it as a question.  He’s a dolt.

The latest shiny object on the CNN set which has captured Sanchez’s attention is the “big screen.”  He uses this thing to interrupt the normal flow of the show to let America know what the idiots at home have to say about the news.  This feature is brought to us via Twitter.  Sanchez acts as if Twitter is some sort of cutting edge technology, something I’m sure the kids who use it snicker about.

My question to CNN is: “Who cares what Frodo7235 has to say about the latest CNN electon poll?”

Will the pendulum ever swing back to where the news is information and not infotainment?  I don’t expect the news to be interactive.  I expect trained, educated, experienced journalists to gather the news and report within a standard of ethics and professionalism. 

CNN and others — leave the social networking on the Web.


  1. joe bid says:

    Formerly of MSNBC, Sanchez’s claim to fame is the time he got tasered by the police to see what it was like (the video was mocked endlessly on The Daily Show). But beyond mocking Sanchez for the ridiculous stories he does and the way that he does them (a mixture of arrogance and cluelessness), the guy is an irritation when it comes to his voice too. It’s one of those faux, booming, “I’m an announcer! Three people have just died in a horrific accident in Los Angeles, and you just heard “Karma Chameleon” by Culture Club. Coming up next…” type of voices. But he’s casual too! You can tell by the way he sits on the edge of a console or leans back in his chair. The casual guy with the evil demeanor. You want really bad things to happen to Sanchez, like a tax audit or explosive diarrhea. He’s the guy who makes you realize, yes, Ted Baxters really do exist. When Sanchez is on, I change the channel immediately, even if the only other thing on is a Supernanny rerun.

  2. R.Harris says:

    I totally agree with you.

  3. Jonathan Cid says:

    I totally disagree. Twitter is a new technology that is making it easier than ever to transmit and disseminate information. Your logic is fallacious as you attempt to intertwine Twitter and your personal distate of Rick Sanchez. If you don’t like his reporting, switch to MSNBC while he’s on.

    The Politico is also making good use of Twitter, as well, it seems, as the Obama campaign. Twitter is fast, easy, short, sweet, and to the point. I’m sure if young people had been the first ones solely using the internet (oops!) and e-mail (oops!) you would have whined about what silly technology the internet and e-mail were. But alas, here you are using it to spew your whiny upsets over one new anchorer who, frankly, has done nothing that actually demands an entire blog post. Try getting on Twitter! You could post stuff like this pretty quick.

  4. Joseph says:

    I was watching him the night before when he kept calling facebook ‘face page’ – and he was doing to same thing: checking what people had posted on his facebook wall.

    Someone needs to friend him on ‘facepage’ and tell him what a dolt he is.

  5. sam says:

    Sanchez has a very unprofessional way.

  6. Fish says:

    Dude. you totally nailed it.I went online to FIND if someone else who is thinking the same as me. Glad I found your post.


    he is horrible. His overeager attempt to be relevant is annoying me. His blatantly fake compassion is annoying me.

    hey Rick, how many times are you gonna tell is how cool you are to be on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. You’re so freaking cool.

    Does ANYONE fall for this crap thinking “WOW” CNN is so relevant with this high tech stuff.

    I’m not some bitter old dude.. I’m a web developer..I get new media and its importance. Rick Sanchez is NOT IMPORTANT and is a HORRIBLE ANCHOR

  7. Bill says:

    LOL. I found this page while trying to respond to that idiot’s survey about some Georgia Republican describing the Obamas as “uppity”. Apparently the word “uppity” is supposed to be some racial term…. which was known by one black woman they interviewed but not the other nine.

    Am I surprised the CNN(Communist News Network is trying to shuffle the political deck with race cards??? not really.

    After 40 minutes of this idiot, I can’t stand anymore.

  8. disgusted says:

    I just watched Rick Sanchez, Sunday on his CNN program. The first part dealt with Giuliani and his distateful and mocking attack on Obamas community service. Rick and his news guru made light of this by stating that although it was not right to say this, the crowd began laughing ands Rudy was caught up in it. If these two non-news people knew anything about Rudy, he does not get caught up in anything if he does not want to go there. Giuliani is an arrogant, crude, ego driven, questionable individual. As mayor he infuriated the black community with his rush to judgement and use of the media to prejudge the guilt of some “alleged” felons who had altercations with the police.

    CNN , in its attempt to show that it was simply asking a simple question about the use of the word “uppity” led one to believe that CNN felt although it should not have been used but that many people do not know its racial and derogatory overtones and history. Therefore it was not okay but what the hell.

    I suppose that after checking the blogs and other internet media sites that they would also assume that any similar derogatory or perhaps racist statement made by the Republican contenders is also to be assumed due to their ignorance and what the hell!

    Sanchez is simply helping to push CNN along the tracks of becoming another FOX News. It may be great for the ratings, but it is just more of the same demonic crap being justified by the media.–

  9. cindy says:

    who are the people voteing for is it for the vp or for a president ? I dont like McCain because he is useing Palin to win he dont care about this family like you think ,if he cared why put her kids on tv like that and i think if he win what make you think that he is going to keep her for his vp , why cant news people talk to her he pick her, so why are they hiding her are they telling her what to say or not to say when she talks to any one in the news ? she thinks god started the war does she think that god told her daughter to have a baby at that young age. Her daughter will not be able to go out after she has the baby her will be husband dont what this baby so what will she do if he dont what to be the father they are to young i hope ever thing goes well, if it dont there goes more news on this family i think they like being in the news they never had this much in there home town, McCain is realy hurting this family very much he said that Obama will do anything to win not true it is McCain will do anything to win that is why he pick palin she got a big family and people like that, will i dont some one in that family will get hurt with all the news and talk. so i am not going to vote for McCain i dont like seeing a nice family beening use just to win.

  10. Marshall Wright says:

    Can’t say more about an absolute poor selection by CNN. Had to laugh at the pick of Rick Sanchez to relate, interpret and disseminate news to Hispanic demograghics. What a treat to see his sideways posture and hand movements migrate to the other CNN anchors when he gathered early favorable stats. Why would you want to watch CNN for web news? I can source myself and need no social networkng to do it. “I” reports, “I” video, twitter.com., CNN blogs. . .I guess CNN is the “most trusted customer supplied news”. Why not!

  11. L Moore says:

    It is ashame that white America fell in Love with this women that they know nothing about.
    She may be a downer for McCain once they know more about her

  12. L Moore says:

    With the world in the crist it is in right now, McCain may die if he won , then she would be in charge and America will really be in trouble. Can we all pray about it

  13. L Moore says:

    McCain looks like an old man and a robot watch how he rasies his hand when she talks for him. cant he talk for himself

  14. Carolyn S. Chapman says:

    When did Ricky leave FOX?? He did work for them didn’t he? No one could be that biased without having a run with FOX??
    I’ve seen and heard bad reporting but CNN?? You should be ashamed of this boy.

  15. Tony Segura says:

    These people are some of the (el Rushmo ditto heads) which he brain washes on weekdays. And Don’t dare say anything about the beloved Senator Palin. Although they don’t know that if McCain become president we all have to hang on to our pants. Today KMBZ is blaming speculators for the high price at the pump. But whoever is kneedeep in oil stock would like the so called wars to go on for one hundred years including the oil giants. It a wonder that they haven’t asked taxpayer to bail them out while the handouts are being offered.

  16. Tony Segura says:

    I was thinking that if we are not to worried about our economy or the security of our Country couldn’t we elect a popular third person as a standby? Should McCain of Palin become ill or decide they are not the right pick for the party, then we could have Paris Hilton ready to step up to the plate.

  17. Lucy says:

    Oh I’m right with you — I can’t stand the guy. Twitter — that’s not journalism or reporting. Who in the hell signed off on the twitter show.


  18. Melissa says:

    I think we’ve got a little bit of Sanchez jealousy going on with these rants. Boys, he can’t help he’s a hunk with a brain.

  19. Agnes Loman says:

    I detest the crude language some of you use, and I adore Rick Sanchez. He is a marvelous reporter, and you are so jealous.

  20. Mayra Roman says:

    I enjoy this show, I love to participate in it. I believe that middle Americans are just very racist. Rick is from Miami, he is Cuban American, he brings the Miami Reporting Style. It’s different fresh and you guys are never going to be ready for it. too conservative afraid of a little mix.

  21. Harley says:

    Believe me, disliking Rick Sanchez isn’t a conservative or liberal thing (I’m liberal and can’t stand him). I have no idea why they moved Don Lemon out of the afternoon slot to replace him with Captain Hairdo. Sanchez seems like the soap opera version of an anchor man… he really seems like a souless husk sometimes. He just grins and guffaws and checks Twitter… Today he “jokingly” tried to interject himself into the tumbling stock market by joking that somehow he would come on the air and help pull it out of a nosedive.

    CNN… please, please dump this guy.

  22. Grant Rogers says:

    I was thinking the exact same thing today, which is why I drew this cartoon

  23. Ian says:

    Rick Sanchez belongs on Extra or A Current Affair. Somebody needs to ship him back to journalism school, pronto. His bombastic style is grossly unprofessional and cheapens an already rapidly diminishing CNN in the integrity department.

    His show is hypnotic in a sick kind of way.

  24. Bruce says:

    Sanchez is a race baiter, as he was in his Miami gig. His “coverage” of the tragic accident last week concerning the shooting of a black police officer proves it. He also has an incident in his past where he struck and killed a man while driving drunk so maybe he should not be casting stones.


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