April 17, 2014

Schwarzenegger Pisses Off 200,000 California State Employees

Could this happen in Ohio?

As posted here last week, the Governator is not jacking around with a recalcitrant California State Legislature as they dither over submitting a balanced budget. They’re a month late and the bills aren’t getting paid in California. So Conan has signed an executive order to reduce state employees’ pay to minimum wage. Public safety and some health employees are exempt. No word on Schwarzenegger’s own salary.

The minimum wage is $6.55 per hour. Here in Ohio, state interns make $11 per hour.

That’s how bad it is in California tonight.  What’s on the Ohio budget horizon?

Many if not most state governments, including Ohio, have adopted balanced budget language into state law. That’s why our Governor Ted Strickland had to make some tough choices earlier this year. Revenues are not meeting expectations and Ohio was forced to trim over $700 million from its budget. This cutting is not easy – would you like to make the choice between this mental health facility or that veteran’s home? Would you like to have to decide which correctional facility can handle a reduction in staff – when none of them would be considered by any definition as overstaffed? These are the sorts of decisions Governors have to make.

Now, I can’t imagine that when the Governor and the next legislature get down to business on the next biennial budget in 2009 that things are going to be much better revenue-wise than they do now.  Since Strickland is governor and not king, we unfortunately have to rely on lawmakers as much as Strickland.

If you look back at the last dozen or so years of Republican-led legislatures, what have they done?  Until Ted Strickland showed up, nothing.  They saw the writing on the wall with the 2006 election for statewide offices and started soiling themselves.  They’ve worked with Strickland, but they certainly haven’t made it easy. 

This November’s election is important.  We need to wrest control from the do-nothing Republicans and give Strickland a Democratic legislature to work with.

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McCain’s Desperate Measures: Paris Hilton and Britney Spears

Includes “Americans Want a Respectful Campaign” Video

Americans want a respectful campaign … People say, negative ads move numbers. They may, but do we have to go to the lowest common denominator? I don’t think so.

This was Senator John McCain on April 14 being interviewed by one of the empty suits on Fox ‘News.’ What kind of campaign has John McCain run in just the first three days of this week?


On Monday, he questioned his opponent, Sen. Barack Obama’s patriotism, a scurrilous, cheap attack. Today, the high minded McCain campaign put up a new ad featuring stars to the trailer trash set Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. It begins with footage of Obama’s speech in Berlin – and a foreign or domestic crowd McCain couldn’t attract in a million years. The announcer intones, “He’s the biggest celebrity in the world …” while Paris and Britney strike a pose. From this auspicious start it goes on to misrepresent Obama policies. It’s all negative, including trying to demean a Harvard-educated, public service rendering U.S. Senator. Pathetic.

What does McCain’s words and actions say about him this week? He’s a liar. Reference April 14. It also makes all the more apparent will do anything or say anything to win. The John McCain I admired five, six, ten years ago was the John McCain of Faith of My Fathers. He was the war hero, the straight talker, the man on the high road vs. Shrub Bush. Today, he looks tired, desperate and lacking authenticity.

Losing the election in November won’t be the hardest thing on McCain this year. The hardest thing will be the lasting impression this campaign will leave on America’s memories of McCain.

Americans Want a Respectful Campaign – John McCain

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